The Theory Test

You need to pass a Theory Test before the Practical Driving Test.

You will be given a computer-based test containing 50 multiple choice questions which you have to complete using the touch-screen within 57 minutes.
In order to pass you must get at least 43 correct out of 50.

Included in the test is driver's attitude, traffic signs and regulations, effects of alcohol, drugs and fatigue on driver's behavior, the safety and environmental aspects of vehicles.

On the 14th November 2002 the Hazard Perception Test was be added to the Theory Test.

Learning to drive is just as much about knowing how to be safe on the roads as it is about handling the car. Therefore much of the Theory Test concentrates on 'reading the road' so that learners understand how to avoid accidents.


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 What Happens During The Theory Test?

You'll take your Driving Theory Test using a touch-screen computer located at your local Driving Standards Agency Theory Test Centre. Remember that you must bring along your provisional driving licence and some other acceptable proof of identity that bears your name, photograph and signature.

You'll be required to register at the reception desk and allocated a booth containing a computer loaded with your personal theory test. The test is available in a variety of languages other than English and there is also an option using British Sign Language for candidates who are deaf.

The instructions on how to use the computer test are clearly shown and there are some practice questions for you to try. Once you are ready to start the test the time will begin. You will have 57 minutes to answer the questions. You can choose to answer the questions using a mouse or by pressing the relevant section of the touch screen.

All of the questions are multiple choice. The questions vary between straight text; text with graphics of road signs; and text with photographs of road and driving scenarios. Most will require one option to be selected from a choice of four, some will ask for two, three or four correct options to be selected from a range of up to six possibilities.

Remember if you do not read the question very carefully and know how to recognise the key words, you will not choose the correct answer. When you are reading multichoice questions, try to avoid 'recognising' the question or the answer, because this often stops you from reading the whole question thoroughly. You should read the question carefully all the way through with each response. Usually there will be at least one response that is obviously not correct and so you can narrow the answers down. If you have no idea what the correct answer is, at least have a guess!

If you are not sure of the answer and decide to have a guess and return to the question later, you can remind yourself by using the 'flag' section. If you fail to answer a question, the computer will register it as incomplete.

Once you have got to the end of the questions you will be given the chance to revisit your flagged and incomplete questions or to review the entire test if you wish. A clock on the system will advise you of how long you have remaining. The pass mark is 43 out of 50 correct answers. You will be able to collect your result from the invigilator at the reception desk.

If you have time at the end of the test please take the chance to review your answers. People often make careless mistakes and find that they have, totally inadvertently, marked the wrong answer.

NEW: a Hazard Perception Test(HPT) was introduced in November 2002. You will now have to pass both the theory test and the HPT before booking your practical test. After your main theory test you will have a 3-minute break, and then you wlil start your Hazard Perception Test. This will include 14 short film clips where you will have to identify 15 scoreable hazards. One film clip may only contain 2 hazards so you must concentrate on each clip.

Each hazard will require you to take some form of action such as change speed or direction; this is done by clicking the left or right mouse button, you will only be able to see the film clip once there is no going back.

Please Note This Video Is Down At The Moment
watch HPT video
[requires Microsoft Media Player]

You will be marked on the number of hazards that you correctly identify, each hazard is marked from one to five, the sooner you see the hazard the higher your score. If you randomly click the mouse button then you will receive a zero score, to pass the Hazard Test you must score 44 out of a possible 75


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 How To Prepare For Theory Test

The books you need:

  • Highway Code
  • Know Your Road Signs
  • Official Theory Test

you can buy these books from your local book store (like WH Smith), you can also buy them from your driving instructor or on the Internet.

Another good way to prepare for the test is to buy a CD-ROM (available from WHSmiths and online). You can practice on your computer interactively, which makes it much easier to learn.


Buy  Theory Test CD-ROM Buy Driving Test Success series of CD-ROMs produced by Focus Multimedia to gain the knowledge you need to answer all the theory questions and also pass the hazard perception part of the Theory Test with confidence.

These CD-ROMs feature a "Virtual Exam Mode", allowing you to sit a realistic mock exam

Start your driving lessons - a lot of things in the Theory Test book will become obvious while driving - your instructors will help you understand the rules of the road, the road markings and the roadsigns, behaviour at the junctions and a lot more which will make your theory test preparation much easier!

click to try the Theory TestTest your knowledge of the theory online - click here!.

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 How To Book The Theory Test

You can book/cancel your theory test by Telephone:
using you debit or credit card. You will need your Provisional Licence number to book the test. You can also try to book the test online on Driving Standards Agency's website

You have to pay a fee for your theory test.

You’ll be given a booking reference number and sent an appointment letter that you should expect to receive within four days of your call. If you do not receive your appointment letter within five working days, please contact the booking office.

Your driving instructor can also book a test for you.

Local Theory Test Centre is located in Slough - the address is:

Slough Theory Test Centre
Brooklands House
Petersfield Ave

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Theory Test Success CD-ROM
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Hazard Perception CD-ROM
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Practical Test Success CD-ROM
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Buy Theory Test book online

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