Practical Test

 The Practical Test

The Practical Driving Test lasts approximately 38-40 minutes and is conducted from your local driving test centre by a Driving Standards Agency examiner. Test routes are designed to be as uniform as possible and include a range of typical road and traffic conditions. Since October 4th 2010, Driving Standard Agency has introduced independent driving. This means that the candidate will have to spend around 10 minutes demonstrating their ability to drive safely without step-by-step directions from an examiner.

The examiner assesses your ability to drive competently and safely and tests you on most of the topics you have covered in your lessons.In addition to failing for committing a serious or dangerous fault, you can fail if you commit more than 15 driving faults (minor faults).

Straight after the exam the instructor will inform you whether you've passed. If sadly, you fail you'll be told where you went wrong and given a printed explanation of all areas shown on the driving test report. This will help you in overcoming any weaknesses that have been identified during the test. You can re-apply straight away but you must wait at least 10 working days before you retake your test.


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 Hiring The Car For Your Test

Please note that for your practlical driving test driving test you will need to hire the school car (this is because a driving test disrupts almost half-a-day of driving school's business).
There is an extra fee for this service (See  goto lesons page  lessons page for our current prices).

Non-Driving School Academy pupils can hire the car for their tests as well (for example if you had lessons with different school, but your instructor can't make it on the day of your test and it is too late to cancel the test).

Non-Driving School Academy-pupils: please note that if you wish to hire Driving School Academy's car, we currently offer this service for the following test centres that we cover.

You will need to book the car in advance by telephoning 01753 523801 - then you pick up the car at the Test Centre just before your test and return it to us after your test.

Click here to hire the Driving School Academy Driving School car for your practical driving test.


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 Where Is The Test Centre

Driving School Academy will take you for your driving test to the following test centres:

  • Aldershot
  • Ashford (Middlesex)
  • Aylesbury
  • Barnet
  • Basingstoke
  • Greenford(Horsenden Lane)
  • Greenford(Ruislip Road)
  • Guildford
  • Hayes (Middlesex)
  • Hendon
  • High Wycombe
  • Isleworth
  • Morden
  • Pinner
  • Reading
  • Slough
  • Southall
  • Sutton(London)
  • Tolworth
  • Watford
  • Weybridge
  • Wood Green

The local test centre in Slough is located at Grays Place (behind the railway station).

If you require a test in a test centre not listed above this can be arranged with your driving instructor.


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 What To Bring

When you take your Practical Test you must bring along:

your provisional driving licence

 your Theory Test Pass Ceritificate.

If you have an older-style paper provisional licence you will need to bring some acceptable proof of identity that bears your name, photograph and signature (like your passport, which does not have to be a British passport).

You can have the practical test in your instructor's car (see car hire section above) or in another car (for example your parents' or friend's car, provided it is insured to be driven by a learner driver).

If you are not driving in your instructor's car you must bring an insurance certificate. If you are not using a driving school car you must also display 'L' plates and have an extra rear view mirror fitted for the examiner.

Please remember to arrive at the test centre
15 minutes prior your test time!


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 How To Book The Practical Test

A practical test booking will only be accepted only after you have passed the theory test.

You can book/cancel your practical driving test by Telephone:
using you debit or credit card.
You will need your Provisional Licence Number, Theory Test Pass Certificate Number and a creidt/debit card to book the test.

You can also book the test online on Driving Standards Agency's website at:

Your driving instructor can also book a test for you.

If you need to cancel your test please make sure you do it at least 10 working days in advance otherwise you wil lose the money paid for the test. If you fail the test you will not be able to book another one earlier than 10 full working days after your last test.

Please don't waste your time and money and don't book a practical test until you are ready to take it, your instructor will confirm when you are ready for your test.

It is also important to remember that most practical test centres have a waiting list of 4-6 weeks or more.

If you pass your Practical Test you will be given a form to complete to gain your Full Driving Licence from DVLA (you will have to pay a fee for exchanging your Provisional Licence to a Full Driving Licence)

If you fail - don't worry, it's not the end of the world - only 43% of candidates pass the practical drving test first time! Take another block of driving lessons to build-up your confidence & skills and re-apply for the test.

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