How Much Do The Lessons Cost?

Driving School Academy offers you excellent value for money and offers you probably the best prices in the area:

Standard Rates

1 hour tuition (peak times)*

20 per hour

1 hour tuition (off-peak times)**

18 per hour

* peak-times are: all weekends, working days in March, April, May, June, July, August, Septmeber

**off-peak times are: working days in October, November, December, January, February


Block Booking Discounts

5 lesson intensive course
for novices (Slough)

90 (Monday to Friday only)

20 hours pre-paid

360 (save 40)*

40 hours pre-paid

720 (save 80)*

Discounts are available for students, nurses, unemployed, police and MOD staff.

Other Services **

Car Hire for the Practical Test


Pass Plus Scheme

call 01753 523801

Motorway Lessons

call 01753 523801

Advanced Training

call 01753 523801

Instructor Training

call 01753 523801

Intensive Courses

call 01753 523801

**please note that for your practical driving test you will need to hire the car and pay the car hire fee (this is because a driving test disrupts almost half-a-day of driving school's business).

Non-DSA Driving School pupils can hire the car for their tests as well - for example if you had lessons with different school, but your instructor can't make it on the day of your test and it is too late to cancel the test you can hire our car for your test. The car is fully insured to be driven by a learner driver.

Non-DSA Driving School-pupils: please note that if you wish to hire DSA Driving School's car you will need to book the car in advance by telephoning 01753 523801


Acceptable payment methods are: cash or a personal cheque supported by a cheque guarantee card.

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 How To Book Driving Lessons

IMPORTANT: If you are a new pupil you will be asked your Provisional Driving Licence number when you book your first lesson, also remember to bring your signed Provisional Driving Licence to your first lesson - by law you should show your signed Provisional Driving Licence to your instructor before you start to drive.

Click here to book a driving lesson

Click here to hire the DSA Driving School car for your practical driving test.

You can also book your drivng lesson by calling us on:

01753 523 801 or 07796 291799 (mobile)

If you need to cancel lessons please do it at least 24 hours before the booking time, otherwise you will have to pay a cancellation penalty.

Please note that if you send a lesson booking request via the website it will not be considered booked until we confirm it by calling you back.

Please remember to leave your name and contact telephone number if you leave us a message on the voice mail.


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 Provisional Driving Licence

If you have never held a driving licence before you will need to obtain a provisional licence before you start learning to drive.

How to apply for provisional licence:
You must complete driving licence application form D1 and photocard application form D750 (available from most post offices) and send the completed forms along with your photograph and identity documents and the appropriate fee to Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

A list of fees can be found on DVLA website. DVLA website

If you do not wish to send your identity documents through the post, a premium service for checking photocard applications is available at selected post office branches. Your application can be checked for accuracy and completeness and your identity documents returned to you immediately. The premium service fee is in addition to the standard driving licence fee for applications sent direct to DVLA

More information about licensing requirements can be found in the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) leaflet D100 "What you need to know about driving licences". which is available at Post Offices.

You cannot start to drive a car until your provisional driving licence has been accepted and in your possession. You can start to learn how to drive when you reach your 17th Birthday.You can apply for your licence up to 2 months before your licence is due to start. But you MUST NOT drive on the road until your licence has arrived and not until day of your 17th birthday.



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